The transactions between me and the people that I photograph are very, very collaborative.

Jock Sturges


All people are different, even though that some of us might live within particular ethical or national group that shares some common traits. Every individual has his own needs that drives his own and unique purpose. For me, it would be a great achievement to understand human nature and to understand how people react in different situations, to capture the bounding spirit of the society and to discover what the merging key of that group is. I am genuinely curios about the people I had never met, and want to connect with them through lens. Portraits are stories about people and their lives. Every person has a story, and every picture should reveal an intricate part of that story. Sometime I use my eyes and imagination to say something about the individual in the photo the other times about the beauty of the human body.


I am always thrilled when I am approached, because there is no greatest compliment to an artist than having their work published or their prints sold. To think someone wants my work hanging on their wall flatters me.