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Raccoon, The Nighttime Bandit

 Raccoon on a Porch  1/30 sec. f/4.5 50mm ISO320 

Raccoon on a Porch

1/30 sec. f/4.5 50mm ISO320 


Raccoons are incredibly smart. On the mammal IQ scale, they rank just below the primates, higher than most domestic animals such as cats and dogs. That is probably why this fluffy fellow have almost no fear of men. Of course, it will run away when you get too close, but compare to other backyard animals raccoons are the most impudent for sure. They are also amazingly adaptable and contrary to popular belief have benefited more from the presence of humans than not. Apparently, there are many perks in our backyard.

 Racoon, Backyard Bandit  1/30sec f/3.5 50mm ISO320 

Racoon, Backyard Bandit

1/30sec f/3.5 50mm ISO320 

I'm sorry, but I need this peanut! 
And this one too!

Raccoons have a highly sensitive sense of touch; this tactile experience gives the raccoon a better sense of what it will be eating as if they "see" with their hands, which are so amazingly nimble. With their subtle fingers, raccoons can unlace a shoe, unlatch a cage and deftly retrieve coins as thin as dimes from your shirt pocket. They use their paws to open trashcans, open doors, and pick up their food and eat it in same way humans do.


It was a Halloween season when my husband and I decided to have a little fun with our new guest and so the skeleton cat come in handy. 

raccoon meets cat skellet.jpg
raccoon and cat skellet 2.jpg
Clara, is that you?
raccoon and cat skellet 3.jpg
Hmm, smells like her...
halloween raccoon and skellet.jpg
I finally have found you, my love!


Raccoons are carriers of diseases that are dangerous to humans, because they are known to ravage garbage cans and eat rotting or dead animals, a likely source of very harmful bacteria and parasites